Bruno Giacosa, legendary Italian winemaker dies.

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Legendary winemaker, Bruno Giacosa, stands in his Neive cellar among bottles of his sparkling wines. In 2012 he was given the distinction of Laurea Honoris Causa by University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.


Sad news resonates with people.  We knew Bruno Giacosa had been ailing for some years, but the news of his passing this Monday stopped us in the moment to think of him, his love for his vineyards and his family, especially Bruna, his daughter.  

It was an honor to know him and make this photograph.  I don’t take the trust of this experience lightly.  My responsibility is to make the best, most authentic photograph that I can.

What an honor for me that this portrait was published along with his Laurea Honoris Causa distinction.  

Here are some of his words (translated) on that occasion –

Obviously I have also put in the mouth and felt the taste of thousands of wines, but I can guarantee that my nose is rarely wrong. And this is something that I keep repeating to young people too: learn how to use the sense of smell, which today many think is no longer useful for anything: it is with the nose that you understand the most important things in a wine. And I add another personal thing of mine, and I hope that you understand what my approach to wine has been: I have never drunk out of a meal, partly because I do not think it’s good to drink wine with an empty stomach like instead, it makes so many people not only in Italy. And, eating, I like simple but satisfying wines, rich in fruit, direct, that do not become more important than food.

Thanks to Bruna for the amazing times spent with her. My thoughts are with her.  In the spirit of her father, I wish her all the very best.  

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